Product reviews for entrepreneurs in Belgium and the Netherlands

ComBron Communication Agency reviews products used in producing videos and podcasts. Our reviews are meant for entrepreneurs in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Not just reviews. We translate the manuals of the tested items as well.

ComBron ranks very well because of the manuals we translate in Dutch.
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Only 27 million people worldwide speak Dutch. 98% of them live in Belgium and the Netherlands. That is about as much as there are people living in the second largest city in the world (Shanghai). It is therefore not surprising that not every manufacturer is eager to have manuals translated into Dutch.

Despite the fact that many Flemish and Dutch people speak English well, the web pages on which the translated manuals are published are frequently visited.

Most images are vectorized

The manuals are not just translated. We vectorize most of the images as well. It takes more time (and effort) to produce the images but ComBron stands for quality.

We love to review your product and offer your customers a great translation, but we are not very good at compromises. Sorry!

SERP DJI Osmo Mobile 2 manual.
This is the SERP DJI Osmo Mobile 2.
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We stand for our product, but what if you review our product and you don’t like it?

ComBron does not publish bad reviews. If the reviewed item does not meet our expectations, we will not publish a review at all.

What happens if you test a product and it breaks during the test?

If a device breaks during the test, we will contact the manufacturer. The manufacturer may send a new device once. If the second device also fails during testing, the test will be terminated.

Can you return the items after reviewing them?

If you are a starting entrepreneur or if the product is particularly expensive, we understand that you would like us to return the product. If you have the product picked up by a courier, we will ensure that it is packaged in the same way as when we received the item. What we do NOT do is pay for sending.

What happens with the product after you reviewed it?

Unless you have it picked up by a courier, we keep it. (Sorry! We’re Dutch so we are not into beating around the bush.)

Can you give our product away to your readers of viewers?

Only if you send two or more copies of the product, we will organize a giveaway. Unlike big YouTubers we won’t charge you for it. Not even for the postage. After all we review and translate because we want more entrepreneurs in Belgium and the Netherlands to publish videos.

Will you charge us for the translation?

No. ComBron will not bill you. The translation will take us many hours to make. Not the translation itself, but vectorizing the images takes a lot of time. Still, we will not charge you for it. Our gain is getting more people to publish their content on YouTube.

How can we influence the outcome of the review?

You can only influence the outcome of the review during the development of it.

Where can we send our product?

ComBron Communication Agency
Attn: Edo Dijkgraaf
6 Midden Scheepvaartstraat
3151 NG Hook of Holland
The Netherlands

But contact us first to see if we have time for a review (and if it’s a product we think will be useful to content creators).

Sometimes it takes some months to review a product

As told before we stick a lot of effort in the translations. We believe we offer a better experience if we show how it is done.

If we have the product we like to make animated gifs and videos.

We are not just translating, instead we ask ourselves what it must be like to freshly own the product. What questions would we have? What would we like to do with the product?

So far our efforts pay off. Our manuals rank high. Really high as you can see on the SERPs above.

You want your product reviewed? You want your manual translated?
We love to review your product and translate your manual.