Edo Dijkgraaf

My name is Edo Dijkgraaf. I am the owner of ComBron Communications Agency and therefore your host on this website. Welcome!

On this page I tell about myself.

Who is Edo Dijkgraaf?

As a quick adapting holist over enthusiastic communications professional I like to show my peers a picture of the same situation from a different perspective.

The advantage of being Edo is that you can solve almost any problem. The disadvantage of being Edo is that not everyone feels at ease with me around. If you assumed that structure is not my thing, you assumed right.


My communication history is wide. I was among others the first (and last?) columnist of 3FM, built and maintained the second website of NOVIB (Dutch division of Oxfam), trained European politicians, etc.

The period I spent at the Ministry of Health Welfare and Sport (VWS) has a special place in my heart.

On June 17, 2011, I became the father of a beautiful daughter. Her name is Dagmar.


ComBron is expanding. I wish to grow as slow as possible. I am flattered by the success but I prefer quality over quantity.


Being an entrepreneur is not a must, so I do not know if ComBron and I will still be together in a few years. All that matters to me is that ComBron keeps helping organizations and individuals.